Advanced Voting

Setting up a Votes

It is possible to create vote questions prior to running a Session and to have multiple vote questions answered at the same time.

To create Votes from outside of a running Session simply go to the Voting tab within Session details, and select the + Vote option.

You can select from the available vote types:

Vote Types

  • Priority Order : this will ask Participants to drag and drop the available Answers into their preferred order, with their favourite at the top. There must be at least two answer options. Scoring is based on how many items there are, with the top answer being awarded that many points, and each item down in the list one less point.
  • Pick Top N : this will ask Participants to select their favourite options (the number they must select depends on the value entered for N). They select and de-select by clicking on the option. There must be at least as many answer options as the value entered for N. Scoring is based on a point being allocated to each selected item.
  • Allocate N Points : this will ask Participants to allocate a certain number of points (depending on the value entered for N) across the answer options. They must spend all points but can put all points on one option if they like, or spread the points out. There must be at least two answer options. Scoring is based on the points allocated to each item.
  • All that Apply : this will ask Participants to select any of the answer options that apply. They may select all of them, none of them or anywhere in between. There must be at least two answer options. Scoring is based on a point being allocated to each selected item.

If the type chosen requires a value for N then the option to set this number will be available, by default this is set to 3. Each type also comes with a default Vote Instruction, but you can change this text to add specific details, or perhaps form more of a question. e.g. Please select any of the Companies that you have worked with from the list:

Finally, unlike building votes on-the-fly you will need to add your own Answer Options, this is the list of choices that participants will be able to select or add points to or re-order.

When finished you can select Back to return to your list of votes and see the new one added. If a vote is greyed out this probably means that it needs more Answer Options available to be valid. Select Edit to add to or change a Vote.

Once a Vote is set up it can be opened with the Open option. To access an open Vote, participants need to have joined the session to which the Vote belongs, therefore the Session must be at 'Active' status. Particpants can then use their Vote tab to respond to the Vote.

When you would like to Close the Vote select Close. When Participants select their Vote tab and there are no Open votes, but there are votes that have been run, they will be able to see the results of those votes. You can view the results of closed votes from the Reports tab. It is possible to Re-Open a Vote in which case Participants will see their previous answer, but will be able to change it if they want.

Multiple Votes

It is possible to have Participants answer several questions at once, to do this you will create multiple Votes and Open several at once.

When you add several Votes you can change their order by dragging and droping them in the order that you want. Also, there are options at the top to Open all and then Close All Votes. However you can also only open some votes if you prefer.

While Participants are in an Active Session, when they access their Vote tab, they will be presented with any Open Votess in the order that they have been set up in. Each Vote will be asked individually, with a Next option to go to the next question, or Finish if it is the last question.

There are some 'Stepping-stones' at the top of the screen to show them which question they are on and how many questions there are:

They can jump backwards to change a previous answer, but they cannot skip any questions.