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vWall a virtual replacement for sticky notes, allows you to intuitively capture and instantly analyse ideas from your team, or any group of people.
Watch our 75 second video that explains vWall.
Set up in moments, you can create a brainstorm session with anyone who has a web enabled device.

Whether they are in the room with you or working remotely.
Capture insight from anywhere
Posts can reach your wall from anywhere in the world.
Your participants can see what is going on, but you remain in control, deciding when people can add posts and when you want to intervene to group ideas or carry out a vote.
Analysis at your fingertips
Group, prioritise and analyse your content at the click of a button, or export your data in a variety of formats to use as you wish.
Our customers value the extra quality that anonymous brainstorming can bring, and the obvious time saving of vWall
Our partners trust vWall to enhance their offer and deliver value to their clients