vWall Community videos

vWall Guides

  • Introduction to the main features of vWall

    A 14 min video demonstrating a facilitated session enabled by v-Wall : youtu.be/pyq3rLfgAFo
  • Getting started with vWall

    A 2 min video demonstrating the speed of setting up and using vWall : youtu.be/chvUB65pFOM.

    A 20 min demonstration of vWall features : youtu.be/frVN46uEjIs

  • Running a multi-facilitator session vWall

    A 5 min video demonstration setting up a session with break out groups, managed by multiple facilitators : youtu.be/0m1jkpLwWhM.

General facilitation and brainstorming

  • A brief history of vWall

    A 20 min podcast describing why we built vWall and the journey at Velresco : Ahead of its time.
  • Why tools like vWall are useful in the modern workplace

    How to foster safety in virtual meetings : Safety in virtual meetings.