Managing your account

My Profile

Here you can manage your User name, email address and request a new Password.

If you are an account adminstrator, you can change the Account Logo by clicking on it. This logo will then be used as the default logo for all projects. Note that it is possible to add additional logos for use on Projects and Sessions, these can be managed under the My Logos tab.

If you exist as a user on several different vWall accounts (for example if you do work for multiple organisations who each have a vWall account), then you can switch your 'active' account here.

If you are the main Administrator on the account then you can edit the Account logo and the Account name, if not then you will be told who is your account's main Administrator.

My Logos

If you have uploaded additional Logos for a Project or Session logo, they will be available to you to choose from for other Sessions and Projects.

If you want to remove a logo so that it no longer shows, then you can do that from this tab 'My Logos', just click on the on the logo you wish to remove.


If you are an Administrator for the currently active Account then you will have a 'Subscriptions' tab. This will show you your vWall licence details including when it is due for renewal.

If your licences covers multiple users then you will be able to manage your Users here, by adding or removing them.

If a User name or email address needs to be changed, the User themselves should do this under their 'My Profile' tab.


If you are the an Administrator for the currently active Account then you will have an 'Invoices' tab. This will show you copy invoices for payments made for your vWall subscription. You can export a PDF by clicking on the Invoice card.