About vWall

vWall is a tool to help Facilitators run Brainstorm sessions and conduct prioritisation or general Voting.

vWall allows you to create a virtual wall and have Participants add digital posts to it. You then have tools to organise, group and prioritise your content. As well as the ability to export the information, no more hours of writing up Post-it notes trying to guess people's handwriting, or trying to make sure you don't lose anything.

You can use vWall with any number of Participants, and they don't have to download anything, they just need a device with an internet Browser that can connect to the internet. At the heart of vWall is making it simple and intuitive for Participants to get involved and add content to your vWall, no training needed.

While keeping it simple for Participants we add powerful tools for Faciliators making it easy to get the best out of your session alone or as part of a team. Leaving you able to focus on the job of facilitating your group.

Designed to be used in the room with a group of Particpants, vWall can also be used remotely by Participants, so you don't need to get everyone together at the same location, or indeed at the same time.

To run, vWall requires a modern browser with Javascript enabled, we recommend Chrome.