vWall Security

We take security of our system very seriously at vWall to ensure that we keep the data of all users as safe as we possibly can. Any personnel with access to our systems comply with our Information Security & Risk Policy, Password Policy and Privacy of Data Policy. Some details about our system:

  • All data is hosted in the UK where we comply with GDPR regulations
  • Amazon Web Services provide our hosting and data storage, they are market leaders in providing Secure and Resilient cloud infrastructure
  • All network traffic is encrypted using the latest internet encryption standards
  • Access to all Web and Database servers is controlled via encryption keys using up to date high order encryption algorithms
  • All password information is stored in an encrypted format so that noone not even people with access to the system (which requires 2-factor authentication) can ever see a users password details
  • We carry out penetration testing to check that only authenticated users can gain access to the system
  • Authentication of users is also managed with high order encryption keys
  • Regular continuous data backups are taken

While we take all the precautions that we can, no system can guarantee to be 100% secure. However we believe it is more likely that data may be intercepted while being attached and sent via email than while within vWall; and the emailing of content is likely to happen with or without the use of vWall.

vWall is a very flexible tool and can be used for all sorts of information gathering exercises, ultimately the user can choose how to use it, and if data is considered particularly sensitive, then the user may decide not to use a cloud solution for that particular brainstorm.

But for the rest of the time vWall will enable faster, better and more input from people than ever before.