Manage Projects


Projects are used in vWall to help you organise your content, and also to allow you to share content with other Users if you have a multi-user subscription. Before you can do anything else in vWall you need to create at least one project within which you will create your Sessions. You can add a project using the New Project option.

Adding a project

To add a project you simply need to give it a name. If the account logo has been set, this logo will be used as the default, but you can change this within the project.

Managing a project

When you select a project by clicking on it, you will see any Sessions held within the project based on their Status. The Project name and logo are shown at the top of the page. You can change the project name by clicking on it to edit it. You can change the project Logo by clicking on it.

On the project card you will be able to see the count of Sessions within the Project .

The Shared icon shows the number of people with whom you have shared this project. If you have a multi-user subscription you will be able to share this project with any other active users on the subscription by clicking on the icon.

You can remove a Project by selecting the on the Project card.

Team Projects

If you have a multi-user subscription you can share your projects with other active users on the subscription.

Start typing the team member's name, and then select them from the drop-down list. You can remove Team members by clicking the next to their name.

Team members cannot change the project details, or affect other team members, but other than that they can do anything with Sessions within the Project including creating, removing and editing Sessions.

They will see this Project appear in their 'Team Projects' list. They are able to remove themselves from the Project team if they wish.

It is not currently possible to transfer ownership of a Project to a different team member.