Data exports

You can export content from vWall in three formats:


The PDF file will contain all the Posted information on all Topics including any groups that have been added. If there are images on Posts these will also be included. Vote results will be shown at the back of the Report.

The PDF report will show the Session logo and have the facilitator details at the top of each page. It is intended for sending out to all participants to give them a copy of what has been collected. This report is good for generating at the click of a button as people are leaving your Session. There is no need for a delay while traditionally things are typed up, it's all right there right away.


The Word export has the same content as the PDF report, but the Word document can be editted by you, so you can amend or add details before sending on to your participants or other stakeholders.


The Excel export contains all the information from your session, there are two tabs. The Posts tab contains all the posted content, including groups and identified which participant the post comes from (for anonymous participants this will be the participant number).

The Voting tab contains the summary results of any Votes that were run, and also a breakdown of who voted for which options (for anonymous participants this will show the participant number).

Images are not included in the Excel export.

Note that your browser controls the export, for most browsers this will appear at the bottom of your browser window where you can click on it to save in a different folder.