Participating in vWall


Welcome to vWall. vWall is a convienient way for Facilitators to gather ideas and get responses to questions. A Factilitator will set up a Session that can have one or more Topics for brainstorming, and may also have one or more questions to Vote on to gather feedback.

To join a session you must have a link to give you access. This will be provided by your Facilitator, either emailed directly to you, placed as a link on a website, or published in some way, either written up on a wall, or shown to you on a screen for you to type in directly to your browser.

To participate in a vWall you must have a device that has a browser that can connect you to the internet. You will not need to install anything, but your browser must allow 'Javascript' to run (most browsers allow this by default).

By default vWall Sessions are run anonymously, so even if you connect via a link that was sent to you, your name/email will not be associated to the content that you Post or the question responses you offer.

However it is possible for a Facilitator to desire to know who has added what. In this case they will send you a personal link via an email, when you join via one of these links the system posts a notice stating who it thinks you are (based on the link set up by the facilitator). If you see this message then you will know that the Facilitator is running vWall in a non-anonymous way.