Participating in vWall


On the Post tab, you can enter ideas exactly as you would on a traditional Post-it note. It works best if you include one idea per post, Enter the text and click the Post button.

It is possible for your Facilitator to 'Lock' the session to stop content being added, if the Session is locked then you will receive a warning notice when you try to post something, just wait for your Facilitator to 'Unlock' the Session again before posting.

Depending on the options that your Facilitator has set, you may be able to do any or all of the following:

  • Change colour of your post: If you see some coloured boxes above your post note, then you can select them to change the colour of your post. Just click the colour that you want and you will see the colour change. When you Post the note, the note will appear on the wall in that colour.
  • Upload an image: If you see the add image icon , you can select this to add an image to your post. You can add one image per post and you can still add text to the post. You will either be asked to select an image file on your device or, if your device supports it, to take a photo to add.
  • Change topic: If the session has more than one topic for ideas, it is possible for the Facilitator to allow you as a participant to switch which topic you are posting in for yourself. If this is the case, then you will see a title showing you which Topic you are in with Arrows allowing you to move between the 'Previous' and 'Next' topic. Your posts will appear on the wall of the Topic that you have active, note that this may be different to the topic that the Facilitator has active.

Often you will be in the same room as your Facilitator when adding content, and they will be able to project the wall on a Screen or TV, so you do not need to see the wall on your own device. If it is showing just select Hide Wall to get a view that is easier to use on Mobile phones.

However, if you would like to see the content of the wall on your own device, or perhaps the session is being run remotely or by tele-conference, then you can select to Show Wall to see the wall content.

Note:It is possible for the Facilitator to set the Session to only show your own content, rather than everyone's. If this is the case, then a message will show on your wall explaining this, and you will only see your own posts on the wall. If your session is being run anonymously and you connect from different devices, then this will be treated as different participants, so you will only see content added from the same connection.

When viewing the wall the + and - buttons will enlarge or shrink the text. The : button will reset the text to its default size.

When viewing the wall, if you hover over your own post an Edit option will appear allowing you to make amendments, as long as the Session remains 'Unlocked'.